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Zakat Calculator

Zakat Calculator is an online tool that provides individuals with a convenient and accurate way to calculate their Zakat obligations. By entering their financial assets and liabilities, the calculator instantly determines the amount of Zakat due according to Islamic guidelines. This user-friendly tool takes into account various factors, such as savings, investments, and debts, ensuring a comprehensive and reliable Zakat calculation.



Zakat Calculator was created in 2023 and provides a convenient and accessible means for individuals to calculate their Zakat obligations.

By offering a user-friendly interface and precise calculations, the tool ensures that users can confidently determine and distribute their Zakat in a fair and impactful manner, contributing to charitable causes and benefiting those in need.

The calculator accommodates different currencies, enabling accurate Zakat calculations based on the specific rates and guidelines applicable to each currency. By incorporating a comprehensive range of currencies, Zakat Calculator provides a global platform that caters to the diverse needs and contexts of individuals seeking to fulfill their Zakat obligations.

Aims for Zakat Calculator

  • Provide a user-friendly online tool for accurate Zakat calculations in accordance with Islamic principles.
  • Educate individuals about the concept, importance, and guidelines of Zakat, promoting informed and responsible giving.
  • Translate the Zakat Calculator and educational content into multiple languages, ensuring accessibility and inclusivity.
  • Encourage individuals to distribute Zakat to deserving causes, making a meaningful impact on the lives of those in need.
  • Empower individuals with the knowledge and tools to fulfill their Zakat obligations and create positive change.