Sunnah Projects has established itself as the premier online platform for the provision and celebration of Salawat, the prayers and blessings upon the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ. With its commitment to promoting love, loyalty, and devotion to the Prophet ﷺ, has emerged as the go-to resource for individuals seeking to deepen their connection with the beloved Messenger of Allah ﷺ through Salawat.



What is Salawat?

Salawat refers to the blessings, prayers, and supplications recited upon the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ. Reciting Salawat involves invoking peace and blessings upon the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ by using specific phrases and words. It is a way to show devotion, gratitude, and to seek intercession through the Prophet’s ﷺ noble status with Allah. Muslims believe that sending Salawat upon the Prophet ﷺ is a means of drawing closer to Allah and the Prophet ﷺ and attaining spiritual blessings. It is an integral part of Islamic practice and holds great significance for Muslims worldwide.

Salawat can be recited in various forms, such as “Allahumma salli ‘ala Muhammad” (O Allah, send blessings upon Muhammad) or “Salla Allahu ‘alayhi wa sallam” (May Allah send peace and blessings upon him) . It is often recited during prayers, gatherings, and personal acts of worship. Muslims are encouraged to incorporate the recitation of Salawat into their daily lives as a means of strengthening their connection with the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ and deepening their love and devotion to him.

The recitation of Salawat is deeply rooted in Islamic tradition and holds immense spiritual significance for believers, serving as a reminder of the Prophet’s exemplary character, teachings, and his pivotal role as the final messenger of Allah ﷺ.

About was established in 2019, heralding a new era in the promotion and dissemination of Salawat. With a vision to revive the practice of sending blessings upon the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ, we embarked on a mission to inspire individuals worldwide to engage in this profound act of devotion and love.

Since its inception, we have worked to create a comprehensive platform that offers resources and content centered around Salawat. Through its efforts, endeavours to empower individuals to incorporate Salawat into their lives, thereby inviting the blessings and spiritual rewards associated with this sacred practice.


Yearly, the website receives an impressive number of hits, with nearly half a million visitors seeking its valuable resources and content. The consistent flow of visitors is a testament to the impact of in inspiring and guiding individuals on their journey of love and devotion to the Prophet ﷺ. remains committed to serving the needs of its audience, providing enriching content, and fostering a global community united in their devotion to the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ.’s Facebook dedicated Facebook also has 50,000 followers so far.

Aims for

  • Promote and revive the practice of sending blessings upon the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ (Salawat).
  • Foster a global community of believers who actively engage in reciting Salawat.
  • Raise awareness about the spiritual significance and rewards of reciting Salawat.
  • Nurture love and connection with the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ through inspiration and knowledge.
  • Inspire individuals to incorporate Salawat into their daily lives, strengthening their bond with the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ.
  • Provide authentic resources and educational content about the importance and benefits of reciting Salawat.
  • Establish a dedicated YouTube channel.
  • Offer a shop where individuals can purchase items by sending Salawat.
  • Include a dreams section to share and explore meaningful dreams related to the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ.
  • Curate a collection of books related to Salawat in a dedicated section.
  • Facilitate charitable engagement through a donation section, including support for the people of Madinah.
  • Develop a course to increase love and reverence for the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ.
  • Establish a WhatsApp/Telegram group for reciting Salawat.